He had given up all his other businesses and used to earn only what he needed for his trip to India. He used to lament the fact that he had to go back to Germany as being a foreigner he could not stay more than 180 days at a stretch. He used to go back to Germany and would drive trucks (18 wheelers) and do a lot of temporary jobs which used to fetch him good money. He used to call up his Indian friend and would say "Let me earn a little more so that I could spend the entire amount on Tara Maa during my stay in Kolkata."

During his trip to Kolkata he would visit different temples in India. Sometimes alone and sometimes in a small group (a few other devotees of Tara Maa) he would visit the various holy temples (Peethasthaan). He simply loved his Tirth Yatras.
On one of his holy trips he went to Benaras (Varanasi). There he was not allowed to go inside the temple. He sat on the gate with tears in his eyes and said "What if Shiva visits the temple as a foreigner and not allowed to go in."
He went to Mansarovar and did the Holy Kora (Going Round) of the Kailash Mountain. He was the only person in the group (mostly Indians) who mustered the courage to take dips (14 times) in the holy water of Mansarovar Lake.

Andy did everything that he heard could help him to get to Tara Maa and attain Moksha. He was a perfectionist like most Germans usually are.

On July 2006 he left for a Holy trip of the Himalayas from Kolkata. He had planned to cover Kedarnath, Badrinath, Panch Kedar, Sapt Badri, Bansinarayan, Gomukh-Gangotri, Tapovan and Yamunotri. He completed all but Yamunotri which was the last destination of his trip could not be completed. On his way back from Tapovan he once again went to Gomukh and sat to meditate right near the mouth of the cave. A huge chunk of Ice fell from the Glacier above into the water of the Ganges and he was washed ashore (in fact no one saw what happened after that). That was the last that anyone saw Andy.

The Mataji who has been living in Tapovan for the last 40 years had remarked after seeing Andy that she had never in her life had seen a greater devotee of Tara Maa. She told about an incident from the day before this accident happened. She said that Andy reached her hut in Tapovan in the late afternoon and was offered tea which he readily accepted. But when he saw Tara Maa in her Temple he said "I can't have tea right now". Instead of having hot tea in that cold weather, after a strenuous journey he undressed himself, wore a towel and went to take a bath under a fountain near Shivling Parvat (Mountain). There in that ice cold water he took holy dips, came out and prayed to God for half an hour in that freezing temperature. After that he went inside that Mataji's Ashram and asked for a cup of hot tea. Everyone present there was taken aback and was wondering how a person could do that.

He made impossible possible.
This was Andy in short.
He took devotion to a different level.


Message to Andy: Andy we all love you. This site cannot be complete without you. We miss you but also believe you are with us.

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